AP550A  Plains Prehistory

This class is designed for students who already have a basic understanding of Plains culture history.  The primary goal of the class is to help you move from 'reading about' Plains Prehistory, to making significant, substantive contributions to the study of Plains Prehistory.  Therefore, we will focus on several key aspects of doing productive research:

We will begin the semester be conducting a rapid review of the primary journal dealing with Plains Prehistory, Plains Anthropologist,  to 'take the pulse' of the region's archaeological research.  What approaches are favored?  What methods are commonly applied? What are viewed as the Big Questions in Plains Prehistory. 

From there, we'll work to put your research into context of Plains Prehistory, and also into the broader context of global archaeological research.  Remember, if it doesn't have relevance to researchers interested in topics other than Plains Prehistory, it probably doesn't really have much relevance at all.