Grades in this class will be based on the following criteria (each are described in greater detail below):

Class Preparation/Class ParticipationParticipation in class discussion is required.  Each of you will be required to lead the discussion once during the semester, preferably during a week that is most closely related to your research topic.  If you miss a class for any reason, the written summary still must be turned in within one week.  

Draft Proposal:  Rather than a term paper, in this class you will be selecting a research topic dealing with Plains archaeology that interests you and go through the process of preparing an NSF grant proposal (http://www.nsf.gov/home/grants/grants_prep.htm) to conduct your investigations. The purpose of this assignment is to help you sharpen you skills at developing research questions and proposing approaches to implement effective research to answer those questions.  The proposal must follow all NSF specifications with all forms  and the first draft of  your proposal (3 copies) is due on November 4.

Proposal Review:   After you've turned in you proposal it will be reviewed by a 3-person panel (your instructor and 2 of your classmates) and evaluated using NSF criteria..  Your participation in the review panel often gives you a better feeling for the strengths and weaknesses of you own proposal and should help in the revisions before the final draft is due.  As part of the review process, you will each write a written review of two proposals to help the researchers improve and clarify their final submission.

In-Class Presentation:   During class on December 2 you will be required to present a 15 minute oral presentation on your research project.

Final Proposal: After your draft proposal is reviewed it will be returned to you, you will take the reviewers comments and suggestions into account and modify your proposal for final submission.   The final proposal is due no later than 5:00 PM on Friday December 12.