Colorado State University
AP461 Section 1
Archaeological Report Preparation
Fall 2005

Instructor:   Larry Todd

Office Hours:  Thursdays 1500-1700

The prerequisites to this class include completion of an archaeological field data collection program (AP460) and consent of the instructor.   A primary goal of the class is to help guide you through the process of converting your field data into a variety of forms of archaeological communication including research posters, oral presentations, manuscript preparation for submission for review, and grant proposal development.  The class is designed to give you a number a tools to help you through your graduate studies and help better prepare you for a career in archaeology.  You will be encouraged to present your research at both professional conferences as well as on-campus programs at Colorado State University such as the Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium or the Front Range Student Ecology Symposium.

Class Schedule: A preliminary weekly summary of class activities.

Assignments: Check this link often for your weekly assignments

Texts: Texts for the class are available on line.

Professional Meetings: Information on abstract deadlines and presentations at several professional meetings.

Abstracts and Drafts:

Grading:  You will required to participate in four types of archaeological presentations: 1) poster presentation; 2) oral presentation; 3) grant proposal preparation, and; 4) manuscript preparation.  These will contribute to your class grade as follows:

Poster                        30%
Oral Presentation      25%
Grant Proposal         15%
Manuscript               15%
Class discussion        15%


     Abstract Writing:


     Poster Presentations:


     Oral Presentations:


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