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Hudson-Meng Bison Bonebed 1995 excavations



EXAM 1 = 100 points

EXAM 2 = 100 points

EXAM 3 = 100 points

EXAM 4 = 100 points

FINAL EXAM = 150 points

QUIZZES = 50 points



image17.gif (31535 bytes)APCC140  Spring 2007


Readings: All reading assignments are listed the Class Schedule and Reading Assignments page. You are expected to have the readings completed by the end of the week (last class of the week)  they are assigned.  We assume that at this stage in your educational career you’ll be able to read, understand, and assimilate the materials in these texts without having the specifics discussed in class. The readings and the lectures are designed to give you different types of information -- both types are required to do well on the exams.  We will discuss some aspects of the readings, but unless you ask questions or make comments about the assignments during class, we’ll assume that you are having no problems with the readings. There is a great deal of material in the readings, much of which will not be mentioned in lectures, but that you'll need to know.  Do not wait until the exams to do the readings (there is a lot of information—terms, names, dates, places, people, and sites) and if you put off the readings until the last minute, you’ll probably not have fun on exam days.

Lectures: The lectures will generally cover different aspects of the materials in the reading assignments. Lectures do not summarize the texts; they build on and offer different perspectives than those in the texts some of the materials from the lectures will be available in the Lectures page. The materials from both the lectures and the readings will be covered on the exams.  If you have questions, or need clarification during lectures, please don’t hesitate to ASK QUESTIONS in class or to come in to talk with your instructor.

Exams: There will be a total of five exams for the class. Each of the first four, noncumulative exams will be worth 100 points (50 multiple-choice questions). The last exam, the FINAL, will be comprehensive (including some materials covered on the first four exams) and will be worth a total of 150 points (100 points from materials covered during the last 1/3 of the semester and 50 points from first 2 exams). If you have to miss an exam for any reason, you can arrange to make it up before the last week of class (no make-up exams will be given after April 20).

Quizzes: To help you keep on track with the readings and studying, there will be a series of nine  in-class quizzes, each worth 10 points.  Make-up Quizzes are not allowed, but only the scores of your TOP 5 quizzes will be included in your final grade. 

Assignments/Exercises:  In addition to the exams, there will be several assignments that must be completed during the semester. These will range from activities such as printing out a web page, or making a map of your living space. The exercises will be worth a total of 50 grade points.