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Exercise 1/Week 1: Access the class webpage, and printout the general terms (Key terms and Definitions Link) reading assignment ( ). You will turn-in a copy of the first page of printout with your name and student number written on it during class on Thursday January 18.  The point of this exercise is to assure that you've found and accessed the class webpages. This assignment is worth 10 grade points.

Exercise 2/Week 4.. In order to think about how use of space and the arrangements of items and activities might help learn from an archaeological site, this exercise is designed to help you think about space and how this might be reflected archaeologically.  1) Make a general map of your primary living space (dorm room, bedroom, couch in front of the TV, etc.) and briefly describe the types of activities that take place there; 2) Discuss how your "site structure" reflects your activities. How do fixed aspects of your space (i.e., doors, windows, etc) influence how you position movable objects?  How easy/difficult do you think the archaeological record (things preserved into the future) of your "site" would be to interpret and why? The point of this exercise is for you to think about human actions from an archaeological perspective.  You description must be typed, double-spaced and should be 300-500 words in length.  This project is due on Thursday February 8 and is worth 15 grade points.

Exercise 3/ Week 9. In order to give an overview of the nature of archaeology as a possible career, we'd like you to visit the Society for American Archaeology WebPages.  Follow the link to Careers, Opportunities,
& Jobs in Archaeology a
nd then:
. Examine the Job Announcements and write a paragraph summarizing current job opportunities
2. Examines the Academic Programs page and based on the Survey of PhD programs visit the Department WebPages of either one of the Departments identified as either most highly ranked or most improved.  Write several paragraphs about what you might expect in terms of requirements, what you should think about as an undergraduate if you goal was to go into a PhD program in archaeology,. if you were considering applying to one of these Departments. Due on or before Thursday March 22. The assignment will be worth 15 points.


Exercise 4/ Week 14.  In order help you acquire skills at locating and interpreting primary literature in the field, for this exercise, we want you to make a foray into the Archaeological professional literature, select a reading and prepare comments on it. 

 In order to do this you will first select an article of interest to YOU from that has been published in the LAST THREE YEARS 2004-2007 from one of the following journals (all of these are available either in hardcopy or electronically through the CSU Morgan Library):
American Antiquity
 Latin American Antiquity
 Journal of Archaeological Science
Journal of Field Archaeology
 Journal of Human Evolution
  Print out of copy the first page of the article, write a 500 word summary of what YOU got out of the article (do not summarize the article as much as talk about your responses to the reading) and turn in first page of the article (please write your name on this page as well as on comments page) stapled to  your comments. 

This exercise will be due on Thursday April 26.  The final assignment will be worth 10 points.

Assignment Due Dates:

Week 1: January 18 (10 points)

Week 4: February 8 (15 points)

Week 9: March 22 (15 points)

Week 14: April 26 (10 points)