Colorado State University
AP461 Section 1
Archaeological Report Preparation
Fall 2005

Class Assignments

This class is somewhat "self-paced" in that many of the weekly assignments will develop based on the activities and outcomes of the previous week's class meeting.  Therefore, be sure to check back here often to be sure that you're up to date on what you'll need to have ready for each class.

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Week 1: Before class on Thursday select a group of 3 abstracts from the 2003  Plains conference that you think are especially good and 3 that you think are not so good.  Be prepared to critique these abstracts and suggest editorial changes as a warm-up for working on your own.  Please bring a hard copies of the first draft of your abstract to class so we can begin a process of 'peer review'

Week 2: First visit Morgan Library and do a rapid evaluation of student posters from last year's Undergraduate Research and Creativity symposium.  These are located in the alcove just east of the main doors to the Library.   Use the poster evaluation form and evaluate each poster.  In addition the 60 second evaluation, read the posters and be able to discuss their content.

    Next visit the National Geographic Research webpage ( ) and familiarize yourself with their grant application process.

    Finally, bring a revised version of your abstract to class on the Plains Conference Abstract form ( )

Week 3:  Prepare the near-final version of your abstract. Think about the data you'll need.

Week 4:  Bring a working draft of your Poster layout on jump-disk, or CD (or email me a copy before class) and we'll look at and discuss posters on the LCD projector.

Week 5: NO CLASS (Meeteetse Presentations). Work on Posters and have a nearly complete (right size, major layout, most pictures selected, beginning text) ready to go by next week.

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