Colorado State University
Archaeological Report Preparation
Fall 2005

Class Schedule as of:  Monday, 24 April 2006

Week 1, Aug 25. Abstracts
      This week we will work on preparation of abstracts.  Before class on Thursday select a group of 3 abstracts from the 2003  Plains conference that you think are especially good and 3 that you think are not so good.  Be prepared to critique these abstracts and suggest editorial changes as a warm-up for working on your own.  Please bring a hard copies of the first draft of your abstract to class so we can begin a process of 'peer review'

Week 2, Sept 1. Defining key points -- refining your topic

Week 3, Sept 8.  Building your paper's framework

Week 4, Sept 16:. Using Graphics

Week 5, Spet 15: Supporting your Arguments

Week 6, Sept 22: No Class (GRSLE presentations in Meeteetse)

Week 7: Sept 29:  Using PowerPoint 1 (posters)

Week 8: Oct 6:  Style Guides and Format issues

Week 9, Oct 13: In class Poster Presentation (Draft copies of your presentation due).

Week 10, Oct 20: No Class GSA and Plains Conference (Oct 19-22).

Week 11, Oct 27:Paper Critique

Week 12, Nov 3:  Grant Proposal Overview

Week 13, Nov 10: Budgets and Logistics (Draft paper Manuscript due)

Week 14, Nov 17:  Manuscript Revisions

Week 15, Dec 1:  Using PowerPoint 2 (slide shows)

Week 16, Dec 8:  In Class oral presentations (15 minute limit)

Final Paper (Manuscript in American Antiquity Format) Due
 Monday December 12, by 1700

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