Colorado State University
Archaeological Report Preparation
Fall 2005


One of the recommended activities of the class, you are strongly encouraged to prepare and deliver a presentation (either poster or oral) for at least one professional meeting during the 2005-2006 academic year.  The following are a list, with links to additional information, for some of the key potential meetings that many of us may be attending.  At least for the Plains Conference, and maybe the AAAS meetings, I will try to arrange university transportation (e.g., a road-trip van) to (and from) the meetings.

Geological Society of America
 Oct 16-19 2005. Salt Lake City, Utah
(Abstract Deadline passed)


Society for American Archaeology
April 26-30 2006. San Juan, Puerto Rico
 (Sept 7, Abstract Deadline)

  Plains Anthropological Conference 
Oct 19-22 2005.  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
(Sept 1, Symposium proposals)
(Sept 15, Abstract Deadline)


Society for Applied Anthropology
March 28-April 2, Vancouver, BC, Canada
(Oct 15 Abstract Deadline)


AAAS Meetings  Feb 16-20 2006. 
St Louis, Missouri (Nov. 7, Poster Abstract Deadline)


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